Posting Multiple Pictures on LinkedIn for job seekers

Posting Multiple Pictures on LinkedIn for job seekers

People wonder if posting a picture is an advantage &  Posting Multiple Pictures on LinkedIn for job seekers is a good idea. Some are skeptical that he’s presenting the wrong image. Common issues that arise during the “to post or not to post” discussion include:


“If they see how old I am, they’ll never hire me.”
“They think they can’t afford me because I’m experienced.”
“They’re going to think I can’t fit in with young workers.”


“This looks a lot like a dating service.”
“I want to be hired for my success, not my looks.”
“They won’t hire me because I’m ________.”


“I want to be hired for my success, not because I fill the need for diversity.”
“They won’t hire me because I’m ________.”
“Employers fear discrimination allegations if there are problems with performance, promotion or termination.”

All concerns expressed apply to the person expressing them. The point is that we have to consider all these. Given that these concerns exist, “As a Job Seeker, Should I Post My Picture on LinkedIn?” What is the answer to the title question? The answer is yes and here is why:

Posting Multiple Pictures on LinkedIn is important because it is the #1 online professional networking environment. It is a place where you can express your talents, achievements, and visions and market your skills, services, and ideas to millions of people around the world. This gives you access to professionals in all fields, keeps you at the forefront of discussions with experts, and is invaluable to job seekers.

Did you know that 80% of applicant screeners go online to do preliminary research on applicants? They Google you and check your Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile.

If your picture is published and any discriminatory tendencies are lurking in the hiring company’s practices, perhaps you will be eliminated for one of the reasons listed above. It can be hard to believe that this is a good thing. Why? First, would you want to work for a company or manager with this bias?

Secondly, if you are asked to come to the interview and you have not put a photo, they will see you in a person, and then you may be faced with an uncomfortable situation. If you’ve ever met someone whose bias (whatever you are) reads so clearly in their statement, you know how that makes you feel. However, if you knew what your prejudices were, you wouldn’t be chasing the opportunity. If you had posted your picture, you might not have been invited for an interview. Either way, the nuisance would not have happened.

You can avoid such experiences by removing the opportunity to encounter people who encourage such discrimination. Relieve yourself from the trauma of meeting someone else who is not part of the global tolerant community. If someone doesn’t pick you because of what your picture is telling them, it’s their loss in many ways.

Publish your picture. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. There is an employer who will be happy to see you in their organization.

Create Your LinkedIn Profile Today and Start Searching for Jobs.

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