Which iPhone versions Support 5G & How to Configure 5G ?

Which iPhone versions Support 5G & How to Configure 5G ?

Hey there, let’s talk iPhones – those nifty little devices that have us all hooked! Apple’s iPhone lineup is like a parade of tech wonders, marching in every year with new models and snazzy iOS updates. Once you’ve had a taste of an iPhone, it’s hard to resist its charm – many folks stick to it like glue.

About iPhone and its Features:

iPhone versions Support 5G: Apple iPhone is a line of Smartphones by Apple Inc., which releases new iPhone models annually basis along with updated iOS. However, most iPhone users do not go for any other mobile company once they get addicted and are habitual of using it.

The magic of the iPhone lies in its super user-friendly design. You can tap, swipe, and pinch your way through its multi-touch interface, effortlessly dancing between cell networks, Wi-Fi, and all sorts of multimedia goodies. Fun fact: They’ve managed to sell a whopping 2.2 billion iPhones until 2018. That’s like selling a phone to every star in the sky!

Versions Compatibility:

Now, let’s chat about compatibility – the buzzword in the tech world. Everyone’s got their eyes on 5G these days, and rightly so. But hang on a second, not all iPhones are partying in the 5G club. If you’ve got an older iPhone, sorry to say, it won’t groove to the 5G beat.

So far, Only the cool cats from iPhone 12 and beyond are strutting their stuff in 5G land.

iPhone versions Support 5G Models:

  1. iPhone-13 Series
  2. iPhone-12 Series Models
  3. iPhone-SE (3rd Generation) Models

iPhone 5G Supported Carriers:

However, most iPhone versions support 5G & LTE, also the Above iPhones work with a 5G Network of certain carriers.  Learn which Carriers are supported by 5G Services on iPhone.

If you were using any carrier that supports the 5G but you were not using it in your old phone, while converting the SIM card to your New 5G Supported iPhone.

You may need to reach out to your Carrier to set up a connection for you, if your new eSIM or physical sim comes with a brand new phone, you don’t need to contact your carrier.

Hold up, let’s roll out the red carpet for the iPhone models that support 5G. Give it up for the iPhone 13 Series, the iPhone 12 Series Models, and the hip iPhone SE (3rd Generation) Models. They’ve got the 5G mojo, folks!

How to Recognise when 5G is working on your iPhone?

When you have a 5G supported carrier and you are in the area under the coverage of 5 G Band also, your carrier cellular plan is already active, Hence you will see the 5G icon appear on your screen at the top of the status bar of the iPhone.

5G: If this icon appears that means your carrier’s 5G Network is available and your iPhone can connect over the internet.

5G+ / 5Guw / 5Guc :

Find these Options to Turn on 5G in your iPhone:

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. else if you have been using dual sim, Go to  Settings > Cellular and then choose the number which option you want to change.

We recommend you select the Auto 5G Option which enables the Smart data mode, when your area is not under 5G Coverage it will automatically switch to LTE Mode and will save the battery life.

Which iPhone versions Support 5G

Allow More Data on 5G in iPhone:

Allowing more data on 5G allows you to use higher data-usage features. however, you can use high-quality Facetime, HD content Apple TV, Apple Music also the iOs Updates & auto backups, With the said settings iPhone will automatically use 5G while the signal strength of Wi-Fi is slow, or insecure wi-fi.

So, to turn on this feature go to Settings > Wi-Fi > “Tap info button” & > Tap to  “use Wi-Fi for internet”.


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