2023 Asia Cup Cricket: Host Country, Teams and Venue

2023 Asia Cup Cricket: Host Country, Teams and Venue

The 16th edition of the Asia Cup cricket tournament will take place in 2023. With the first match provisionally scheduled for 2nd September. Teams, hosts, and fixtures for the Asia Cup 2023 can be checked on the official website. All matches will be one-day internationals.

Asia Cup 2023

The Asia Cricket Council (ACC) is set to host the Asia Cup 2023, with Pakistan as its official host country. However, Sources report that the venue will be changed to ensure an unbiased location for both teams. Soon, the ACC will decide on the destination. The ACC was formed in 1983 to promote cricket among Asian countries. Each year, the Asia Cup sees a one-day international and a T-Twenty international cricket tournament. India holds the record for seven wins at the Asia Cup. In a nutshell, the Asia Cup 2023 will include:

Mark Your Calendars! Asia Cup 2023 Cricket Schedule Unveiled…!!

The Asia Cup will be held in Pakistan in 2023 at the invitation of the International Cricket Council. The competition is to begin on Friday, September 1. However, Pakistan will host the last game of the twelve one-day internationals while also hosting the international competition.

Additionally, The Asia Cup Tournament is expected to be included in the tour plans. However, the ICC is presently creating for the foreseeable future. Moreover, The whole cricket schedule for the Asia Cup in 2023 will be accessible on CricSchedule.com as soon as the organizing body makes it public. The start of this event is highly anticipated by viewers from across the world since it is certain to be interesting.

Who Will Host the 2023 Asia Cup?

The Asian Cricket Council has announced Pakistan as the host country for the Asia Cup. However, due to the current tensions between India and Pakistan, the BCCI’s Secretary, Jay Shah, has declared that India will not travel to Pakistan to participate in the tournament. This means the competition is likely to be moved to another neutral location that does not favor any team.

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Furthermore, The BCCI holds a large portion of the ICC’s profits. Without India’s participation. The Asia Cup is rendered futile and without a victor. Thus, the ACC could relocate the tournament to either the UAE or Sri Lanka for India and Pakistan to take part in the competition.

Asian Cricket Teams to Participate:

The following teams will compete in the Asia Cup:

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Bangladesh
  5. UAE
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Singapore
  9. Kuwait

Asia Cup 2023 format for the Tournament:

At the Asia Cup, there will be 13 matches in the 50-over format. However, featuring the top five teams – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. These sides have already secured their places in the main competition.

Rumors About Asia Cup Event:

According to rumors, Asia Cricket Council President Jay Shah announced that the Asia Cup event, which was before said to be hosted in Pakistan, will now take place in a neutral venue. This choice, made in reaction to rumors that the Indian cricket team could visit Pakistan, protects the security of all parties.

It is still a Rumor that: The Secretary of the BCCI, declared that the upcoming Asia Cup will be hosted in a location independent of any single nation. Previous editions of the tournament have been held in multiple venues. Additionally, the BCCI has reconfirmed their trust in Shah by granting him a second term as the secretary.


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