Resume Tips – How to Beat a Resume Black Hole?

Resume Tips – How to Beat a Resume Black Hole?

Resume Black Hole

How to Beat a Resume Black Hole? I think everyone has experienced the dreaded resume black hole at some point. This is when you send dozens of applications and hear absolutely nothing. It’s like your resume just went down the same vortex that bands of mismatched socks and one-hit wonders go. This is extremely annoying, so how can you prevent this from happening?

Big Business Boards Don’t Work Well

The reason big job boards don’t work very well is that you and a thousand other people are applying for the same job. The majority of these people are not even qualified for the job, yet they apply using the shotgun approach.

Because we’re dealing with such large numbers, the hiring manager is highly unlikely to find your resume in a pile this size, especially if your resume isn’t top-notch.

However, if you seek open positions on smaller, local, or niche job boards, your resume may be competing with only 50 to 100 candidates. In other words, you may be 10X more likely to be interviewed because you have reduced the candidate pool.

Join LinkedIn and Get Started

80% of jobs are filled with networking. Let me say that again. 80% of all open positions, even those you see in major job postings, are filled online. What does it mean? That means you need to start meeting people, start talking to people you know about the company they work for. Next, go to company websites that employ your friends and look for open positions. Do not call your friend and do not beg for advice.

Just call and talk to her and say you see a position at the company she works for and ask her opinions about working there. Showing interest and asking questions leads to open dialogue because most people don’t mind talking about their work at all. You should only offer some advice after some friendly banter. Remember that they will have to risk their reputation to do this for you, so if they hesitate, be kind because they may reconsider.

Probably “all the jobs posted on the big job boards are just a waste of time?” you ask. Not exactly, that’s what happens most of the time: You see a job posting on a large job bulletin board and you say, “Hi, my friend Dave works for that company.”

You’re applying for the job, but you’re also looking for your friend Dave, and he’ll give the hiring manager an alert to look for your resume, and viola! 80% of jobs are filled this way through networking. The function of the job board is, above all, to post the Job Posting. The rest is up to you!

If job hunting is a battle, your resume is your sword. Don’t go to war with an old, dull, and rusty resume. Consider writing your Resume professionally to help you stand out from the crowd.

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