CCTV Security Surveillance and Alarm System Techniques

CCTV Security Surveillance and Alarm System Techniques

How to Secure Your House and Financial Institutions using CCTV Security Surveillance and Burglar Alarm Systems?

Today, security is seen as everyone’s top priority and a need for business, therefore everyone values having a home or workplace that is properly secured. How can we completely secure our homes, workplaces, banks, commercial company locations, parking lots, etc. using a CCTV Security Surveillance and Alarm System? In this article, we will try to cover all possible aspects of securing any location and analyze where to install the camera.

  • Securing a House
  • Securing a Financial Institution or Bank.

CCTV Security Surveillance Installation Techniques for Houses:

Some basic techniques to fully secure your house at a low cost by the installation of a Security Surveillance and Alarm System.

So, first of all, you need a Sketch of your complete house to Mark the CCTV Cameras.

Then, You can easily cover your complete house using only 5 to 8 CCTV Cameras depending upon the covered areas.

It is recommended to purchase 8 channel DVR / NVR with 6 to 8 CCTV Cameras as per Requirement.

5 Easy Stepts for Installation:

1st step is to get the House or Building Layout ready by yourself if don’t have one ready-made, & then mark the CCTV Cameras as below Described positions.

  1. Mark one Camera at an angle that should cover your Main Entrance gate.
  2. Mark another camera at your boundary wall somewhere to watch your garden and Entrance from inside.
  3. One camera at the 2nd Entrance gate after a car parking or depending upon the structure of the house.
  4. Place a camera at Off-street windows, or windows that don’t face the street directly.
  5. Another camera on your stairways from the top.
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You could also consider investing in surveillance cameras with at least a 3.0-megapixel resolution if you want to capture a clean image. Both dome cameras and outside fixed lens cameras are suggested for usage within the home.

It is always recommended to install waterproof and night vision fixed lens cameras to view the subject of any suspicious activity in your house in the nighttime.

To achieve the best results from CCTV Surveillance, we advise you to install the cameras where there are already some lights in place.

Additionally, select any reputable CCTV Brands of Surveillance and Alarm Systems. It is advised to employ a vendor to obtain camera quotations; select the vendor that offers the best price with a service agreement of at least one year.

Choosing the right vendor will reduce your cost and complaints ratio.

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CCTV Surveillance in Financial Institutions

A security department is always present in the banking industry to handle all security-related concerns, secure bank branches and headquarters, and organise the installation of CCTV cameras.

In a bank, the Security Department organises for the installation of additional security equipment such as a Security Alarm System, door sensors for the vault, and rear and front access gates.

The bank’s security alarm system is the only security solution that allows bank management and clients to sleep peacefully. Nowadays we have robust and upgraded technology in the form of CCTV cameras that are providing financial institutions

These technologies assist banks in assuring their clients that their funds are safe in their custody. As with all security camera placement, the first step is to prepare the Branch Sketch. So, once you have an exact sketch, begin marking the CCTV Cameras to cover the important locations.

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Mark at least two CCTV cameras outside the bank branch, one to watch the gate that leads to the ATM and one to watch the gate that leads to the main entrance. Install one camera inside the ATM with the lens directed toward the entrance.

Inside the Hall Area, at least three CCTV cameras are required. The Entrance should be approached from the inside. The other camera will face the customer sitting area, and the third will monitor the hall and upstairs if they are accessible.

Recomended Installation Techniques

Recommended four cameras need to place in the cash area, to cover the complete cash counter and cash vault gate.

Last but not least, adjust one camera at the back exit door also.

Several alarm system installation companies provide Surveillance support including the installation of Alarm systems

Security vendors use to install Motion Sensors inside the branch and Magnetic Door Alarm Sensors, smoke detectors, and fire extinguisher systems. Method of installation of Alarm system is as under.

  1. Installation of Motion Sensors depending upon the area of the hall and Cash vault inside and outside.
  2. Installation of Magnetic door Sensors on the Main gate, back gate, and Entrance to branch gate via ATM Room.
  3. Alarm systems push buttons are to be provided on Manager & Operation Manager’sdesks and also on cash counters in branches.

Suggestion: Always look for blind spots, exposed places, and dimly lit areas before installing the surveillance and alarm system. Additionally, adjust as necessary to maximise the monitoring system’s level of security.

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