Get your facts right before you mix up Essay Writing with Blogging

Get your facts right before you mix up Essay Writing with Blogging

Get your facts right before you mix up Essay Writing with Blogging. Many people confuse blog writing with essay writing, thinking that they are the same. Get your facts right before mixing Essay Writing with Blogging because of how blogging has evolved in recent years. The two forms of writing are very different from each other, and if you find yourself confused about them, this article will help clear things up for you.


If you want to become successful as a writer, it is essential that your every word stimulates the reader and makes them interested in what they are reading. There’s nothing more boring than reading the same thing repeatedly; with blogging, this cannot happen if one wants their blog post(s) ranked well by search engines like Google. Which will push readers on top-tier sites toward one’s content!

As per SEO demands of including keywords within long posts for better rankability purposes (i e getting lots of traffic). Try using different keyword phrases or fragments throughout each entry – even at varying intervals such as after every paragraph.


Links are a great way to make your readers want more. The information is there, but unless they click on it and go directly into what you were talking about in the first place (or search for specific words), no one will read this passage.

Links also take up less space than footnotes because hyperlinks do all of their work right before our very eyes. We have to choose where those links point when someone clicks them with his mouse cursor as consonance as if he was clicking away at old-school paper pages like some early 2000s blogger teenager who still uses pen names instead.


Paragraphs need to be concise and use clear language for the reader’s attention does not wander off. If you’re a writer who loves stretching their sentences beyond what they mean, try breaking up long paragraphs with more simple ones. So it doesn’t feel like an essay when reading online blogs or articles on websites such as Tumblr, where readers prefer skimming over chewing before getting into something new instead of always starting at point A, then moving on to B, then C, etc.


With the best of them being typos, it’s not hard to see why blogging is better than essay writing. However, there are significant differences between print and web content that freelance writers should know before taking their talents online- namely, how quickly you can fix errors when they happen.

So, if your eyes glance towards this section because fixing grammar mistakes on a blog makes more sense than running around trying to recover from printer Corp., don’t worry; we’re going over everything here, so start reading now and Get your facts right before you mix up Essay Writing with Blogging.


If you’re looking to become a blogger, make sure that your blog is all about Blogging. Blogs are used for sharing content and information related to a topic the writer knows well. You want readers who share similar interests as you or those who might benefit from what you have to say on the subject matter of your blog post.

Essay writing is also critical in digital marketing because it can be used as an SEO tool when done correctly. An essay should communicate facts and ideas, so people know exactly where they stand concerning the issue read at hand. In contrast, blogs often have more personal touches, which may not be appropriate depending on how much time has been spent working on them before publishing them online. 

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